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My addiction to interiors originated in deep childhood, when I discovered a soft for architects on the computer of a family friend.

The aesthetic of the design software swallowed me, and I began to find in myself the desire to analyze the space. Steadily, once a month, I began to move the furniture in my room, and with the advent of the computer, I installed a program for myself and began to devote all my leisure.

All these events lead me to the University of Civil Engineering at the Department of Design of Buildings and Structures.
I rejected the idea of becoming an architect in my third year: Suddenly I realized that interiors attract me much more than 'big' architecture. I deeply feel spaces and understand their logic.

However the University helped me went from the opposite: at university we were forced to think in a common way, and this allowed me to understand that search and improvement begin when you do not limit yourself with the desire to simplify.

I gained invaluable experience in studios, worked with many designers, went from designer to CG-artist and back. Now I have behind my back projects in France, Taiwan, New York, Denmark, Ukraine and Russia. I hone my skills and drive my own formulas and ways of thinking.

I see my vocation in showing my clients how the aesthetics of everyday life can affect their condition and the quality of their lives. And I am immensely grateful that you always choose me.
about me
my name is Angelica Chernenko
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